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KI 7000 Series Variable Optical Attenuator

The KI 7000 Series Hand held Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator is a precision optical variable attenuator commonly used in conjunction with a bit error rate tester, for optical margin evaluation on optical fiber networks. Other handheld optical attenuator applications include measuring linearity and simulating fibre optic loss.

KI 7000 Series Hand held Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator

KI 7000 Series Hand held Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator

  • Automated optical attenuators with 16 user settable programs
  • Superior absolute accuracy and repeatability with excellent ORL, PDL and PMD
  • Ideal for all WDM applications, with very low wavelength sensitivity
  • Easy to use VOA with >200hr battery life
  • Supplied with metal free SC, ST, FC interchangeable connectors. Other options include LC connectors
  • +30 dBm input power capability
  • Remote control software
  • Single mode or multimode fiber options


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Multi mode multi-mode variable attenuator for 62.5/125 multi mode fiber optic cable at 850nm & 1300nm


Multi mode multi-mode variable attenuator for 50/125 multi mode fiber optic cable at 850nm & 1300nm


Single Mode variable attenuator for for 1310nm/1490nm & 1550nm


Single Mode Variable Attenuator with APC interface for 1310nm/1490nm & 1550nm


Single Mode variable attenuator for for 1310nm/1550nm & 1625nm


Single Mode Variable Attenuator with APC interface for 1310nm/1550nm & 1625nm


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