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Steinel Heat Guns


STEINEL HEAT GUN HL 2010 E 34850 with lcd temperature temp display

Automotive Kit with HL2010E Shown Above

Automotive Heat Gun Kit With HL2010E

Includes accessories for repairing plastics, windshields, seats and other body shop work.

Kit Includes:

HL2010E Heat Gun Heavy Duty Case Guide Book
75mm deflector 14mm deflector 39mm reflector
9mm reducer 20mm reducer welding tip
pp welding rod    
Automotive Kit Part# 34853
Web Price Each: $299.00

steinel heat gun hg 2310 lcd 34870 progammable with lcd display

Auto Body Welding Kit with HG2310LCD Show Above

Auto Body Welding Heat Gun Kit

Kit Includes:

HG2310LCD Heat Gun Welding Iron 9mm Reducer
20mm Reducer 2 pcs wire mesh 16 pcs Thermoflex Rod
Temperature Guard Heavy Duty Case  
Auto Body Welding Kit Part# 34874
Web Price Each: $349.00

steinel heat gun hg 2310 lcd 34870 progammable with lcd display

Electronics Kit with HG2310LCD Shown Above

Electronics Kit with HG2310LCD Heat Gun:

This kit includes accessories for heat shrink tubing, connectors and de-soldering circuit boards.

Kit Includes:

Heavy Duty Case 9mm Reflector 39mm Reflector
Overhead Hanger Guide Book 14mm Reflector
9mm Reducer    
Electronics Kit Part# 34875
Web Price Each: $329.00


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steinel heat gun kit kits automotive auto accessories for repairing plastics windshields seats auto body shop repair work and welding electronics heat gun kit includes accessories for heat shrink tubing connectors de-soldering desoldering circuit boards



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